The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea

The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea

A poetic mediation over certain subjects in life, peace of mind, serenity, sustainability, and loss.
The Film was shot in County Kerry in Ireland, and has at its centre language, landscape and light. Monsignor Padráig Ó’Fiannachta, a distinguished linguist, scholar and poet, acts as our guide. Both the English and Irish language play a prominent role in the narrative, as well as occasional quotations from Latin and Greek epic poems.

The central question of the film circles around the age old philosophical question ‘what is the good life?.

The film takes inspiration from Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical on the environment ‘Laudato si’
Proposing that ‘wealth’ ultimately emanates from peace of mind, sustained through a deeper connection with nature.

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“It’s an elemental and beautiful film, combining powerful cinematography with the Spiritual contemplation of the wonder of nature, such a great contribution to heritage, it is a work of Art, a wonderful and moving experience…”

President of Ireland, Michael D.Higgins

“A feast for the eyes and for the soul. A beautiful meditative journey within the subconscious.”
Susan Sarandon
“It’s a journey. A meditation into self while taking in the expanse and beauty of our rich, abundant world. Nurture yourself and watch, listen, breathe…”
Rosario Dawson
“A startling beautiful meditation on man and nature, this is an hour-long immersion into something ethereal, woozy and visually unforgettable…up there with Baraka”
Irish Independent Film Critique Hilary Adam White

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